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Surf camp in Morocco

Surf in Morocco

Morocco is a surf destination that combines cultural contrast and optimal conditions. Its huge surf potential, and long Atlantic coast, offers waves suitable for surfers of all levels, and this throughout the year !.

It is also one of the cheapest surf destinations near France (only 3 hours from Paris!). Its wild and authentic coast will seduce you with the multitude of spots it offers.

The surfable areas are easily accessible, and the main airports are less than an hour's drive from the best spots. Make sure you go surf the longest line of Morocco, Imsouane, which runs for several hundred meters, and where you will also enjoy the authentic setting of a typical fishing village!

Surf camps in Morocco

There are many surfcamps in Morocco. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Morocco!

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Why you should come and surf in Morocco

A few hours by plane

Morocco is only a few hours flight (3 hours from Paris). Many flights are available, at a very affordable price. You can easily find trips to less than 200 € to go to Agadir or Essaouira. The further south you go, the more likely you are to find big swells, and you will discover the wilder side of Morocco!

You can surf every day of the year

The swell is so constant on the Moroccan coast that it is rare to face a flat ocean. You can certainly surf every day: rather appreciable when we reserve a week dedicated to surfing! Few meteorological uncertainties, both for temperature and the sun as for the waves!

Waves for all levels

With its multitude of spots, there will always be one adapted to your level. Beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks: there is everything, and for all tastes! The icing on the cake: they are rarely far apart, and they are very easy to access. Whatever your level, you will find waves on which to take your foot!

Unsubscribed spots

Forget the crowded spots of the Landes: in Morocco, you will have room! Locals and tourists alike are in good spirits, and you can even chat with locals who are not stingy with advice, and even easily give priority to newcomers. You will fall in love with the conditions, because the atmosphere with the water is as important as a good atmosphere in surf camp!

A change of scenery

Get ready to discover a new culture, immensely rich and varied. In addition to surfing, you can discover the many treasures that Morocco can offer you, just waiting to be discovered! Some surf camps also offer side activities and excursions: do not hesitate to ask your hosts who will be happy to guide you on your discovery route!

A very chill rhythm of life

The Moroccan lifestyle and traditions of the country will bathe you in chill moods, mint tea, and moments shared around a beer after a good surfing session. The pace of life in Morocco is very pleasant and fits perfectly with a surf spirit, you can both chill, but also go out at night and discover a surprising lively nightlife!

A culture to discover

Feel free to immerse yourself in the richness of Moroccan culture, browse the souks, meet the locals, and share moments of life with them: the Moroccan people love to make known their way of life, especially when the we are moving away from big cities! There are many historical points of interest to visit, wild and enchanting places, and festivities to participate!

Low cost

The cost of living in Morocco is much lower than in France. You can eat, move, and participate in other activities for a relatively small fee. Only alcohol is sold at a price comparable to European prices. For all the rest: you will have the opportunity to do many things at a low price!

Excellent food

The gastronomic culture of Morocco is extremely rich, and you can discover delicious dishes with every meal. Very varied, very fragrant, Moroccan food will delight the most complex palates. Whether it's dishes, pastries, or fruit, or fish: you will find in Moroccan food an incredible richness that will make you want to stay a few days longer, so you have time to taste as much as you can things!