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Surf camp in Nicaragua

Surf in Nicaragua

Located between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the largest nation in Central America. This country of lakes, volcanoes, mountains and tropical forests also has beautiful beaches along the Pacific coast to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The Pacific Ocean offers some great surf spots that make Nicaragua a top destination for winter sports fans! The regularity of the waves is ensured by an offshore wind which works practically all the year. From the beginner to the experienced surfer, to each his spot: there is something for everyone.

Another important asset is that Nicaragua is still largely untouched by mass tourism. The backpackers are mostly concentrated in San Juan del Sur and just venture further north to find a totally unspoilt wild coast and spots still unknown. You will be virtually alone in the line up: change of scenery guaranteed!

Surf camps in Nicaragua

There are many surfcamps in Nicaragua. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Nicaragua!

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Why you should come and surf in Nicaragua

Waves for all levels

Beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks ... in Nicaragua, you have the choice! The surf spots are suitable for beginners but also perfect for more confirmed. Among the most famous spots, Playa Maderas is 10 minutes drive from San Juan del Sur with long lefts and straight. It is the most popular spot for surf schools on the coast. A little further north, Popoyo offers a beach break, a reef break and an outter reef preserved from the crowd in a wild and bohemian atmosphere. As for Colorado, experienced surfers will find one of the most powerful beach breaks in the country.

When to go to Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has a humid tropical climate that ensures a temperature around 30 degrees all year long. The water is also particularly hot, allowing you to surf in a bikini or boardshort. From November to April, the dry season is the most conducive to tourism and learning surfing with small waves and a constant offshort wind. From May to October, the rainy season brings with it more powerful swells. Winds can become unpredictable and tropical storms wake up, offering experienced surfers world class waves.

An authentic country easy to visit

Still preserved from mass tourism, Nicaragua offers an authentic experience of Central America. The locals are warm, welcoming and always willing to advise travelers. On the other hand, English is very little spoken. Remember to revise your Spanish basics before boarding the plane! On site, everything is rather easy: the accommodations are inexpensive, the food is very good and transport well served. However, be patient, distances are short but the roads are sometimes in poor condition and regular stops: it takes time. In terms of security, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America. Traveling there is relatively safe, provided you follow the basic rules of caution and do not tempt thieves.

A rich historical, cultural and natural

Besides surfing, Nicaragua has many treasures. In particular, nature is spectacular with a wide variety of landscapes and natural habitats. Between tropical forest still preserved, huge lakes and volcanoes still active at the bottom of which it is possible to admire the lava in fusion, nature lovers looking for a change of scenery will not be disappointed. But wealth is also cultural. Stroll through the beautiful city of Granada to discover the remains of colonial history. Nicknamed the "Great Sultana" because of its Moorish-Andalusian-style buildings built by Spanish settlers in the 16th century, the city is considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Central America.

The simple life between "Surf, Toña y Tacos"!

Get on a colorful bus to reach your next destination. Buy tropical fruits at the market. Enjoy a Toña (the local beer) after surfing before seeing the sky blaze in a thousand colors at sunset. Enjoy the famous "nacatamale", traditional dish of "Nicas", consisting of a corn dough garnished with pork or chicken, rice, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic and other condiments, all wrapped in a plantain leaf. Watch the stars, lying on the sand still hot. Life in Nicaragua flows smoothly and simply. If you want to avoid crowded destinations, reconnect with nature, meet travelers from all walks of life except yours and rejuvenate yourself in a preserved environment, do not hesitate! Nicaragua is for you.