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Surf in Colombia

Colombia is probably not the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to surfing and South America. And yet, this country (which is the only continent to have both a Caribbean coast and a Pacific coast) is able to offer you an amazing surf experience!

Both coasts offer radically different landscapes, opportunities and conditions. On the Caribbean side, the waves are present around Tayrona Park. The best time to enjoy it is from November to March. The conditions are quite suitable for beginners, and you can join one of the surf camps located on the paradisiacal coast worthy of postcard, and enjoy the Colombian life in the small towns around!

The true wealth of the Colombian waves is discovered on the Pacific side. In spite of a more difficult access (plane to Lancha only, because there are no great roads to get there), you will be able to discover unique spots of world class. It is in the Choco, near the city of Nuqui, that you can access waves among the most beautiful of South America. The difficulty of access allowed to preserve the beauty and the confidentiality of the spots. Here, you will be able to surf in the middle of the humpback whales that come to bring their babies in the world! If you are beginner or intermediary, you will have the choice between Terco and Termales, but if you are an advanced surfer ... a multitude of spots will open then to you: Juan Tornillo, El Valle, Pico de Loro and well of still others!

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There are many surfcamps in Colombia. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Colombia!

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