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Uruguay is a small South American country located in the south of Argentina and Brazil, whose border is materialized by the Uruguay River which gave it its name. Although small in size and sparsely populated, Uruguay has many riches, such as its magnificent beaches, its European-style capital Montevideo, and its superb agricultural "estancias" inland.

Still little frequented by tourists, Uruguay is logically little known as a surfing destination. Yet, the country offers 200 kilometers of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, more than 80 surf spots and waves very varied: left, right, pointbreaks, beachbreaks, reef ... It is not for nothing that the Brazilian and locals have been surfing there since the end of the 1950s! The advantage? Low-frequent line-ups in comparison with its Brazilian neighbor.

Located in southern Latin America, Uruguay is characterized by a mild climate. Winters stretch from June to September with temperatures between 10 and 16 degrees, and summers from December to March with temperatures between 21 and 28 degrees. Summer is the best time to go if you want to avoid too cold water and surf good waves!

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Why you should come and surf in Uruguay

An inexpensive country

It takes about 20 hours to connect Paris to Montevideo, often with one or two stops. You can find tickets at very good prices, about 600 euros for the cheapest. The stay does not require a visa if it does not exceed 90 days, so there is no entry fee on the territory. On the transport side, the road network is in good condition and buses are frequent and cheap. So you can go from one spot to another for only a few pesos. It is also possible to rent a car. Finally regarding accommodation and meals, the prices also remain correct. For one person, count about 20 euros for one night and 13 euros for food each day.

A wide choice of spots

To the right of Montevideo, going towards Brazil, several seaside resorts welcome the travelers in search of waves: Cabo Polonio, Chuy, La Paloma, Piriápolis, Punta del Diablo or Punta del Este. The latter is the best known. Seaside resort concreted and very busy, Punta del Este offers several spots that surfers will choose according to their level. There are windproof waves suitable for beginners and others more exposed and powerful. Further east is La Paloma, with long white sand beaches and waves for beginners. Many surf schools give classes during the summer. Be careful though, when the swell gets up, the waves become tubular and reserved for the pros! A little further to Brazil is Punta del Diablo, a small town where fishermen and surfers live in harmony with nature. The waves are more powerful and tubular. Depending on the spot, the bottom is sandy or rocky. You will have the choice between straight and left ranging from a half meter to two meters high. Sail along the coast during your stay to vary the pleasures, change landscapes but also atmosphere!

Sweetness of life and warmth of the premises

Next to surfing, Uruguay will delight you with its "tranquillo" rhythm! Go inland to explore the plains, the estancias, or the natural parks made of sand dunes and lagoons. Do not miss the capital Montevideo and its European colonial heritage. Stroll around Plaza Independencia, in Ciudad Vieja (the old town), between the art deco buildings, colonial houses and the Mercado del Puerto (former port market).

In between surfing sessions, you can also enjoy the activities offered by the Uruguayan "riviera", relaxing on the beach, casinos, restaurants and golf courses. And if you're not a fan of the jet-set, take your longboard or skateboard under your arm and go rider on the Uruguayan roads very low traffic, good quality and relatively steep! If you are a fan of wildlife, do not miss Isla de Lobos, a small island located a few kilometers from Punta del Este, home to a colony of fur seals and sea lions.

On the fringes of the natural wealth of the country, go to meet its inhabitants very welcoming and warm. They will be delighted to share with you their culture and generous cuisine. Beef lovers, they cook meat at all sauces and at all hours of the day. Do not forget to taste the buseca, a very spicy soup made from beef, peas and beans. You can also enjoy barbecues everywhere, participate in popular parties and dance the tango!