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With 2034 km2, Tenerife is the largest and most populated island in the Canary archipelago. Located to the west of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and a hundred kilometers from the Moroccan coast, it is not only an excellent destination for a surf trip, but also to get out of the routine at a minimum cost.

Tenerife has a mild climate with an average temperature of 25 degrees and a water of around 20 degrees throughout the year. With its dreamlike natural landscapes between beaches and volcanoes, its small colorful houses and its friendly inhabitants, Tenerife is a small paradise where you can live well.

As for surfing, the island offers surf spots of different nature between beach and reefs breaks of volcanic origin. The surf is maintained consistently throughout the year and offers a set of right, left, peaks and tubes to the fans of the slide.

Surf camps in Tenerife

There are many surfcamps in Tenerife. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Tenerife!

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The best spots of Tenerife

The northern spots of the island run during the winter from October to April while the south coast receives the swell during the summer months. Each side has spots more or less suitable for all levels, everyone will find his happiness!

Located north of the island, Almáciga is one of Tenerife's most famous spots. It is active a good part of the year and offers powerful waves and barrels at all levels of surfers. In the vicinity of Santa Cruz, there are also Los Dos Hermanos, Baja de Martiánez and Benijo spots, reserved for intermediate and expert surfers with big barrels when the swell returns. For beginners, Martianez is ideal in summer with long, rather gentle lines. The Izquierda del Conquistador is also a good option as well as Bajamar with its powerful and long wave suitable for all levels.

To the south, La Derecha, Chickens, El Bunker, El Palmar and El Dedo are reserved for good surfers. In these, be careful with the height of the waves and the reef! In addition, in the same zone, the debutants will be able to perfect themselves in the spots of Las Américas, El Medio, La Fitenia and La Piscinia. There are waves all year round and they are easy and perfect to learn and perfect.

A fact to keep in mind: in certain spots, local surfers do not like to share their waves, so sometimes the environment can become problematic. But you won't have this problem when you go with a surf camp !

Relaxation and change of scenery at a low price

¡Tenerife es una destinación geográficamente cercana y sumamente diferente! Por lo que es una buena opción para los que tengan pequeños presupuestos, con billetes de avión entre los 100 y 300 euros ofertados por las compañías aéreas low cost. El viaje se hace desde Paris y en algunas horas.

Tenerife is a geographically close and very different destination! So it is a good option for those who have small budgets, with airline tickets between 100 and 300 euros offered by low cost airlines. The trip is in a few hours.

In terms of transport, do not hesitate to rent a car to go around the island on the fringe of surfing sessions. You will live a quiet experience with a rhythm of life very different from the French one. Canaries get up late, take a break at noon and have dinner late at night. A good way to recharge batteries!