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Surf in Peru

Peru is one of the richest countries in Latin America in tourist treasure. Bordered to the north by Ecuador, to the east by Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia and to the south by Chile, it consists of three totally different regions: the Pacific coast, where the desert meets the ocean, the mountain center that reaches up to 6000 and contains the Inca treasures, and the Amazon with lush flora and fauna.

It is on the arid Pacific coast of Peru that surfers will find their happiness. It unfolds in particular the wave of Chicama, reputed to be the longest left of the world. But it would be wrong to limit the Peruvian to this spot since the coast of more than 2500 km offers enthusiasts gliding many waves, good conditions and low-frequent line-ups. Finally, know that surfing is a very popular spot in Peru and it is suitable for all levels!

Surf camps in Peru

There are many surfcamps in Peru. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Peru!

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Why you should come and surf in Peru

Good conditions all year long

Go surfing in Peru is to experience a unique surf trip. The coast is very different from everything you've known before, and you can also ride there ... the sand dunes of the Peruvian desert! Indeed, the coast is rather desert and unattractive from a "seaside" point of view. Spot level, we find everything and for all levels, and above all, the surf works all year round. You will not be limited by the seasons and have the choice between consistent waves, longboard waves, beginners spots ... However, prefer the months of October to March to surf north and the months of March to December for the south. In winter, the swells arrive from the southwest and allow the spots to work well.

The choice of spots

The Peruvian coast can be broken down into two parts corresponding to two types of waves: waves of all types in the south and on the side of Lima and long lefts, break points and reef breaks in the north. But let's go into more detail in the list of spots not to be missed.

To the north, there is of course Chicama and its longest left in the world that will make goofy happiness! The coast is rather uncrowded with a fairly cold water and a line-up frankly not shielded. A nice spot accessible to all levels. Mancora is also a beautiful site for surfers and especially the place to put your suitcases to relax, enjoy a beautiful beach and a festive atmosphere. Mancora offers long lefts popular surf camps for learning beginners, but the intermediate and confirmed levels will also find happiness. A little further south, Los Organos, much less touristy, offers the pros more consistent waves of up to 2m.

In Lima, you will find the spot of Herradura, a point break offering the left ones among the most powerful of the coast, very frequented by the locals. South of the capital is Punta Hermosa, a small village that offers experienced surfers consistent and fast waves with tubular sections. Be careful of the impact zone that does not make a gift. Southern spots also include Punta Rocas, which offers reef breaks accessible at all levels and where international competitions take place every year; Pacasmayo to the wave very fast and powerful; Cabo Blanco which would be one of the most perfect tubes of the world.

Cheap transportation

As in other Latin American countries, the bus network works extremely well for ridiculous fares. The companies serve both the big cities and the small villages, so you will not have difficulties to reach the spots of the coast. For long journeys, prefer "camas" or "semi-camas", these two-floor buses that offer comfort worthy of an airliner! Berth seats, televisions, meal trays ... everything is planned for long distances. If you prefer to stay independent, you can rent a car without problem. Be aware that besides the Panamerican which is extremely well maintained, the roads are not in very good condition and that the code of the road is little respected.

Natural riches and unforgettable cultures

The main attraction of Peoru is of course Machu Picchu, this ancient Inca city located high up in the Andes. Accessing it is a real trip to the past as you will pass through the heart of the sacred valley which has many archaeological sites. Do not miss the city of Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire and its magnificent remains. On the Pacific side, make a stop at Huacachina, an oasis lost in the middle of the desert where you can experience a buggy ride in the dunes or a sandboard run. On the border with Bolivia, you will find Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world and its floating islands. Finally, the Peruvian Amazon and its largest forest in the world and where you can make many excursions.