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Surf in Indonesia

With its 13,000 islands, Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, is the largest archipelago in the world.

From the Uluwatu reef to the diversity of Batu Karas waves and the perfect conditions of the Mentawans, Indonesia is known as THE ultimate surfing destination for surfers from all over the world. In Jakarta and Denpasar, whole planes of travelers land the board under the arm, ready for an unforgettable surf trip.

If Bali remains the nerve center of Indonesian surfing, the island is saturated with busy traffic and line-ups in high season. The best time for surfing from May to September, you will not really have the choice if you want to enjoy solid conditions ... Also, surfers do not hesitate to go on an adventure on the other islands looking for spots still secret: and there are!

Surf camps in Indonesia

There are many surfcamps in Indonesia. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Indonesia!

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Why you should come and surf in Indonesia

The best conditions in the world (it seems)

Indonesia is known as the surf mecca for riders around the world. On the program: an awakening under the palm trees, all-day sessions, a tropical climate, a bohemian atmosphere, beautiful sunsets, grilled fish dinners accompanied by Bintangs (the local beer) and evenings on the beach until at the end of the night (in Bali). Side waves, we talk about the best in the world. The Indonesian archipelago being of volcanic origin, the swell comes to break on the reef thus creating perfect waves, long, powerful, fast and tubular.

The spots

Bali is the Mecca by reference of surfers. In summer, the swell from the Indian Ocean is long, solid and consistent attracting surfers en masse on the Bukit peninsula in southern Bali. From Dreamland to Uluwatu via Padang-Padang, the spots wake up and the waves are unleashed. The low season is not outdone despite tropical showers and thunderstorms rather impressive. It's on the east coast of Bali that's going on, between Sanur and Nusa Dua. For beginners, head to Kuta, Legian and Canggu to learn about beach break with qualified surfguides.

The other islands are of course not left behind: Lombok, Java, Sumatra and the Mentawans also have some nice surprises for you. In Lombok, the spots are much less crowded and the waves of quality. Set sail for year-round Kuta, Gupuk Bay with five left and right reef breaks that form tubes when conditions are there. Desert Point, a tubular left is also a good option for good surfers.

In Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands off Padang are popular with surfers. We speak of "swell machine" so they are well oriented facing the Indian Ocean. You will make boat trips to the search for better spots: Bankvaults, No Kandui, Rifles, Telescopes, Lances Left, Lances Right, Macaroni, Greenbush, Thunders or The Hole .... And contrary to what most people think, there are also waves for less advanced levels!

Finally, the island of Java promises adventure. The most famous spots are G-Land and those of the south-west coast including Batu Karas. The spot offers a variety of waves, beach breaks and reef breaks and is accessible to all levels of surfing. On the Sumbawa side, the waves are surfable all year round in a very authentic setting.

Affordable prices

The most expensive thing in a surf trip in Indonesia is the plane ticket. Starting from Paris, you will get about 700 euros in low season and 1000 euros in high season. After, on the spot - unless you opt for the Mentawans, in which case the budget is significantly larger - you can live on a very modest budget. Basically, count between 10 and 20 euros per night for housing. The offer is very wide in Indonesia and the guesthouses are numerous. As for meals, the Warungs allow you to eat very well and in quantity for 2 or 3 euros. This will allow you to taste the local gastronomy between grilled fish, beef cooked with coconut milk, fried chicken, fried rice, soya, vegetables ... For transport, the most practical is to rent a scooter. In Indonesia, it is very easy and cheap (count 50 euros for two weeks maximum). If you are a novice, train a little in easy places before taking the road because the traffic is dense and the code of the road does not exist! By making you really happy and especially in Bali where prices are higher, you will not exceed 1000 euros during your stay.