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Surf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for an unforgettable surftrip. Still wild beaches, year-round waves, a bohemian and chill atmosphere, welcoming premises, natural parks rich in incredible flora and fauna, flamboyant sunsets ... the real "pura vida"!

In terms of surfing, the swells on the Pacific coast have mainly contributed to Costa Rica's reputation among surfers around the world. With air tickets around 600 euros from Paris, inexpensive local life and water at 29 degrees all year long, Costa Rica is an ideal destination at any time of the year.

Surf camps in Costa Rica

There are many surfcamps in Costa Rica. We have selected for you the best of them to live an unforgettable experience during your next vacation in Costa Rica!

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Why you should come and surf in Costa Rica

From the Pacific to the Caribbean, a wide choice of spots

Costa Rica is located in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, offering experienced surfers and experienced riders a variety of options. Along the Pacific coast, the spots are numerous. The majority of surf camps are located in Jaco, a small fishing village with gypsy accents two hours from collectivo of the capital. The beach stretches for 7 kilometers to avoid a spot too crowded, the waves are of reasonable size and the swell works all year round: perfect for a safe learning! For intermediate levels, prefer the waves of Playa Hermosa, located 7 minutes from Jaco. The spots of Santa Theresa, Dominical, Tamarindo, or Playa Negra will also be discovered during your stay. Your surf camp will be able to arrange the trips and take you on day trip on the spots of the south coast!

Waves accessible all year long

In Costa Rica, the swell returns all year round on the Pacific coast, with some differences however between winter and summer. In winter, from June to December, conditions are good every day with sometimes big - even very big - waves on certain spots. In summer, from December to May, the swell is calmer, making the conditions perfect for beginners. On the Caribbean side, surfing is harder to predict. Prefer the winter period to put the best luck on your side and ask your surf camp for advice before joining the peak.

Live to the rhythm of the "Pura Vida"

The locals, also called "Ticos" are very "cool". They live according to the mantra "Pura Vida", the pure life or "good life". In the street, no one is in a hurry, everyone smiles. Thanks to this mantra, Costa Ricans have a constant recoil on life preventing them from becoming anxious for futility. Costa Rica has even been named the happiest country in the world! And it feels everywhere: you will be quickly won by this atmosphere of permanent relaxation. A real opportunity to press the "pause" button in our western lives stressed and pressed by time.

A country of a thousand and one riches

From the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast and the central mountains, Costa Rica offers a wealth of landscapes, cultures and activities. Smoothie bar, ethnic shops and yoga on the Pacific Coast, horseback riding, jungle and thrills in the Central Highlands, turtles, reggae concerts and Jamaican ambiance on the Caribbean Coast: from one place to another we are completely out of touch with so much diversity. As for gastronomy, do not miss out on the local culinary specialty, the casado, a gourmet and healthy plate of meat, salad, rice, red beans and plantain. On the Caribbean side, Costa Rica can count on the reputation of its "sodas" with typical Caribbean dishes, fish restaurants, sushi, organic products, and of course more Western dishes.

An open zoo

Costa Rica has many natural parks in which fauna and flora are very abundant. We walk in a rainforest of all shades of green, meeting the howler monkeys, the capuchin-monks mischievous, lazy idle, raccoon raccoons, gigantic palms along paradisiacal beaches. sparkling water, where dozens of pelicans fish. Entries are not free and you usually have to book a guide to make the most of it. With the help of a camera magnifier, it will allow you to spot and observe a hidden fauna: sleeping bats, red crabs, well camouflaged iguanas, poisonous plants, multicolored insects ... And for nature lovers, it is also possible to spend a night in ecolodge among animals.